Integrated approach to violence

As in the first Forum, this second edition aims to address violence in cities from all perspectives and in all of its forms, dealing with aspects that had less space due to the intensity of the agenda: violence arising from the new technologies; violence in sport and, above all, gender-based violence, which will have its own section, with the incorporation of UN Women.


The speed of social changes entails the emergence of new problems, the seed of potential conflicts. The 2nd Forum does not exclude any debate, no feature of the portrayal of urban violence. It will be a journey from structural violence, with its origin in marginalisation and exclusion, through as cultural violence, the result of ideologies, beliefs and symbolic universes to reach direct violence, the most visible, the most changing, which ranges from organised crime to violence in sport, from school bullying to racism and xenophobia, or that of the new technologies which is a large channel of expansion, paying special attention to chauvinism and gender-based violence.


The 2nd Forum aims to be a place for debate and exchange, where we can share and discover diverse realities, initiatives, good experiences, ranging from the very smallest to large-scale, from local good practices to global initiatives. It is a moment for meeting that forms part of a process in which we want to make our cities places for coexistence and peace.  We want to agree an Agenda 2030 for Cities of Peace. We want to verify that we are many people, entities or institutions who are convinced of the need to educate, mediate or govern to make our cities friendly places.  We want to reaffirm our commitment to defend human rights and, to do so, act locally and globally.


In the 1st Forummore than 3,500 people participated from over 120 countries, representing hundreds of cities around the world, international bodies, the private sector, citizen associations, NGOs, media, universities, personalities from the world of culture. In this 2nd Forum,  the World Councils of UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) and the Ibero-American Forum of Local Governments are expected to attend, and its programme will include over 200 activities, divided into plenary sessions, parallel sessions, workshops, exhibitions, presentation of campaigns, books, concerts, film, theatre, sporting activities… A dynamic and plural programme.