Capital of Peace

The Capital of Peace is more than an idea. It is a vocation, a hallmark which Madrid wants to associate its name with. It is also the concept that acts as an umbrella for all those initiatives which are going to have life and impetus breathed into them by those responsible for this city, not only from institutions but also from citizens.

The Capital of Peace is a strategy which needs to be increasingly consolidated in each and every one of the decisions that are made in this and other urban populations. If cities are the backdrop against which interpersonal violence takes on a range of forms, the population increases that are going to occur in the first half of this century alone (calculations suggest that 70% of the population will be urban by 2050) call for measures and initiatives which cannot come solely from local governments, but which cannot be achieved without them, either. Furthermore, municipal heads, as the representatives most directly linked to the public, have a great deal to contribute within the framework of their framework of competences. What is more, they want to.

The Forum is the first major initiative which has been spearheaded by Madrid City Council, under the banner of Capital of Peace. It came about from an alliance of city Mayors, who are grateful for the speed with which other institutions, organisations and social initiative bodies have joined them in helping to get it underway. If this Forum has one ambition, it is to be a space that is open to the contributions and participation of all. This swift institutional and public response shows not only that action is called for, but that there is both a will and great enthusiasm to do so.