Six concerts and three film dialogs to celebrate the coexistence

  • Rocío Marquéz presents ‘La Costilla de Rocio’ (Rocio’s Rib) on Tuesday 6th of November at the Invernadero de Arganzuela
  • On Wednesday the 7th, in Naves Matadero, the Brasilian singer Rael presents his album ‘Coisas do meu imaginário’, and on Thursday the 8th, Pájaro, Solea Morente, Niño de Elche and Pongo will perform at the closing concert.
  • Cineteca will welcome talks followed by the screening of the documentary on the topic of the Forum on 5th and 7th of November.

The 2nd World Forum on Urban Violence an Education for Coexistence and Peace brings music and film to Matadero Madrid to celebrate Madrid’s role as the city of peace with cultural activities. Invernadero, las Naves, Cineteca and Plaza Matadero will all be used as stages for these six concerts with free admission and three film dialogs.



Rocío Márquez 20 horas. Invernadero de Arganzuela

Rocío Márquez 8 PM Invernadero de Arganzuela

The visual artist Manuel León, using his painting based on Monstera Deliciosa (Costilla de Adán – Adam’s Rib in Spanish), a species of flowering plant native to tropical forests, goes to Seville to bring the flamenco singer Rocío Márquez, the guitarist Raúl Cantizano and audiovisual activists Los Volubles to perform in the action-concert marking the exhibition “La Costilla de Santa Clara” (Santa Clara’s Rib). In Barcelona, invited by the CCCB to “Después del fin del mundo” (After the End of the World) curated by José Luis de Vicente, the piece becomes a plea against Anthropocene.

This new journey of La Costilla de Rocío is presented as a pagan ceremony bringing back texts that used to be the rules of the project “Secret Life of Plants” by Hope Jahren and other popular texts that are the basis of the resistance to anthropocene. Apart from the paintings by Manuel León, we will be able to enjoy the Raúl Cantizano’s guitar and the audiovisual interventions by Los Voluble. The Palacio de Cristal de Arganzuela, the Invernadero of Matadero Madrid is an ideal place to sing to the plants and have the plans sing to us. And in the words of the Spanish proverb, chase your ills away.

Rocío Márquez was born in Huelva in 1985 and has had a classical trajectory for a flamenco artist: groups, awards like Lámpara Minera and Giraldillo of the Flamenco Biennale and numerous recitals in festivals and theaters world-wide. Curious and hard-working, in 2014 she has presented her record El Niño that opened doors to other music styles. The last three years of her life have been hectic; she has presented important shows like De viejos y nuevos sones with Fahmi Alqhai, presented as a record in 2018 combining flamenco and old music; she has turned in and defended her doctoral thesis on vocal technique in flamenco and has recorded a new album Firmamento (Universal Music 2017), that brought her to the front pages of magazines like Rockdelux and that deals with topics like contamination and nature.


Rael 8:30 PM Naves Matadero

The Brazilian artist Rael presents his latest record Cosas do meu imaginário that brought him the Brazilian Music Award as the best singer.

Rael started his career with the rap band Pentagono and in 2010 he started his solo career performing on legendary stages like Joe’s Pub in New York where Amy Winehouse preformed her first USA concert, and he participated at famous international festivals like Coachella, Montreal Jazz Festival and Rock in Rio.  (Tickets: 8 euros. The only concert with admission.)


From 7:00 PM Plaza Matadero


The Sevillian artist Andrés Herrera Ruíz, aka Pájaro has been the guitar player for various legendary bands liks Brigada Ligera, Pata Negra, together with Kiko Veneno and his beloved Silvio, in a band together with Sacramento and many more. A combination of rock, blues, swing, Holy Week, Spaghetti-Western, Las Vegas or lyrics by San Juan de la Cruz will all be part of his special musical universe.

Soleá Morente

Member of an artistic family, middle daughter of Enruqie Morente, Soleá Morente will take the stage after him. This authentic artist has managed to extract the best of the flamenco tradition and combine it with other styles like pop and rock. She started performing at an early age clapping, singing and performing backing vocals on her father’s and her sister Estella’s records.

This year she has received the Princesa de Girona Foundation Award for Arts for her ability to lead musical project in a world that is often a difficult environment for women. After having participated in Los Evangelistas group, she started her solo carrer in 2015 working with La Bien Querida, Los Planetas and Lagartija Nick.

Niño de Elche

Francisco Contreras Molina, aka Niño de Elche, is an artist, poet and flamenco singer born in Elche in 1985. He started his professional career as a flamenco singer, but soon became interested in other musical styles like rap, performance and social activism.

Critics consider him to be one of the greatest flamenco renovators and his art is hard to classify as just one musical style. He combines different styles like rock and electronic music, he dabbles in performance and is famous for collaborations in audiovisual arts, poetry and dance with creators like Isaki Lacuesta, Israel Galván and Refree.


Pongo, the African pop singer and rapper from Luanda (Angola), closes the concert. She combines kuduro and dancehall with dance electronic music and melodic pop.  Her international success with bands like Buraka Som Sistema has helped promote the contemporary kuduro of Angolan roots in the dance music industry.

The power and rhythm combined with fragility and sensitivity are her most famous trait and she says that dancing “is more than just a reflex, it is an answer, a reply to the adverse climate and it is able to bring people together under the same common force”.

Films and talks in Cineteca

To check this part of the cultural program, go to the program of the 2nd World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Peaceful Coexistence.