Imagine that you have the possibility to address thousands of people all over the world, what story of your city would you tell them? Cartographies of peace is a project that will locate and spread, through a live and interactive map, the stories of solidarity, empathy, resilience, happiness and peace written by the people inhabiting and bringing cities to life, that want to join this action.

We want to know your story for peace. We want to know what you do for your community to become a kinder and more harmonious place. Share with us how do you experience and build peace in your city. What story of solidarity, cooperation and empathy would you tell in these pandemic times? Send us a picture, video, drawing, or short story showing an experience or an action, done by you or someone in your community, to make your city or neighborhood a peaceful place. You do not have to be a superhero to work for peace; all of us can build it through small actions that together make the difference.

Cartographies of Peace is a project that will create a map of stories, told by people from Mexico City and many other cities around the world, about the actions for peace that are taken to face the crisis and everyday obstacles. If you want to join, you just have to go to, fill in the registration form and tell us your story. You can also send it via email to contacto.cartografí[email protected].Or you can as well participate through social media, sharing your story on Instagram or Twitter, tagging @cartografiaspaz or @ciudadesdepaz, including the hashtag #CartografíasDePaz.

Explore and share a story for peace. Connect with your city, follow a lead that takes you to a story and choose the way that allows to express better your creativity. This global map, knitted by empathic bonds, will not be finished without your story.