Journal no. 4

  • 3rd World Forum on Cities and Territories of Peace Universal right to vaccines
  • Presentation of the 3rd World Forum
  • Give Migrant and Displaced Communities a Role in Building Cities of Peace The Role of Human Rights Defenders in the Implementation of the Peace Accords and Peace Building in Colombia 
  • Co-creating caring territories through human rights based-approaches: a proposal from local and regional governments to build forward better in the post-pandemic era
  • Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces for Women and Girls: A Necessary Condition for Territories of Peace
  • Cities and territories with environmental justice
  • Anti-racist education program in Santos (Brazil): an award-
    winning experience by the International Association of Educating Cities
  • COLEF: Sanctuary cities, a heaven for undocumented migrants
  • GlIV Paris Peace Forum: Practical Solutions to Global Challenges
  • Program of Activities in 16 days of Activism against violence against women and girls at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico
  • V World Forum on Local Economic Development:
    The role of territories in uncertain times
  • HCHR AND UCLG: How to build human rights cities
  • UCLG: Local Housing Discrimination and Spatial
    Segregation Consultation 

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