Event Date:
Start at 8:00 AM
October 6, 2020


October 6, 2020, 8:00 a 9:30 (Times are in UTC-5:00 Mexico City time).

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to dramatic changes in relationships and coexistence in cities, along with widespread uncertainty about the socio-economic and social impacts of the pandemic. This panel seeks to share experiences, scholarly reflections and experiences related to peacebuilding processes in cities within the crisis created by the pandemic. To this end, it intends to identify the particular challenges, new violence and conflicts arising from the health crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic, the proposals made by various social stakeholders to handle new conflicts and the opportunities to build resilience that strengthen coexistence in the midst of the crisis.


● Keynote 2 will last 90 minutes.
● This will be broadcasted on Youtube and Facebook, and will be recorded and uploadedn to the website, along with a report and video summary.
● The session will have two interaction channels: a chat to ask questions and an online query.
● A moderator will introduce the panel and give the floor to the speakers.
● Speakers will have up to 5 minutes to make their interventions.
● Halfway through the session, an online query will be made for interaction with keynote attendees.
● If time constraints allow, at the end of the session some questions will be gathered from the attendees using the chat.


CHAIR: Nicole Huete Guevara

  • Lorenzo Jiménez de Luis, UNDP Resident Representative in México
  • Michele Curto, President of the Agency for cultural and economic exchange with Cuba
  • Carlos Pérez, Head of La Havana Medical Mission in Lombardy, Italy
  • Jhon Alexander Rojas Cabrera, Governor Nariño, Colombia.
  • Igor Alexsander G. Amorim, Community Leader in the Favela Paraisópolis (SP) and coordinator of the G10 Favelas, Favela Paraisópolis
  • Josep Mayoral, Mayor of Granollers
  • Carlos Martínez, Mayor of Soria, representative of the FEMP and UCLG envoy for the New Urban Agenda
  • Ana Paulina Cerdán Corona, Directora Ejecutiva del Centro de Colaboración Cívica México
  • Berenice Maria Giannella, Secretaria de Asistencia Social de la Prefeitura de Sao Paulo
  • Carmen Magallón Portolés, Presidenta Seminario de Investigación para la paz, SIP