The virtual magazine Cities of Peace is a proposal of the World Forum with the same name and which aims to be an instrument for the periodic dissemination of experiences, reflections, news, campaigns that help to build coexistence and peace.

The fact that it is a virtual magazine allows the dissemination of its contents to have no limits and can be available to everyone.

That is the objective, that it can reach the last corner in the world where there is interest in eradicating direct, structural or cultural violence.

Research centers, universities, civil society organizations, local and national institutions, international organizations, companies, the media, … people with extensive experience or recognized prestige, social activists, students, artists, … the magazine is open to contributions, Wherever they come from, they help fulfill the mission. For this, "Cities of Peace" will have different sections, with different formats. Some of them open to receive collaborations.

● Papers: original contributions that have content that is the result of research, experience, a methodological proposal, with an extension of 1000 to 1500 words.
● Opinion: short articles that reflect on the various topics that are part of the Forum, with an extension of 300 to 500 words.
● Reviews: news about campaigns, projects, publications, activities of interest related to the objectives of the Forum, with an extension of 100 to 200 words, with links to websites that help expand the news.

The editorial board of the journal will receive contributions at the email address [email protected], and will analyze their possible publication and dissemination.

Building peace is giving and saving lives.