The Forum is a global, collective and horizontal process of reflection and advocacy, which seeks to provide solutions at the political level and in the implementation of policies for the construction of coexistence and peace in the territories. During the Forum, a global convening event is held as a milestone in the roadmap of exchange actions, advocacy, educational programs or campaigns in different parts of the world and in different formats. Hosting this global event is an important moment of joining energies that allows for exchange and deliberation; a space that helps to promote more effectively and efficiently the values of coexistence and peace building. Mexico City took the lead in 2019 for the third edition of the World Forum on Cities and Territories of Peace, accompanied by more than 20 international institutions and organizations. One of the milestones in this process was a virtual “Towards the Forum” meeting in October 2020, which brought together more than 100 panelists from 18 countries and, during the three-day event, almost 7,000 online sessions were watched.

Since then, more than 20 online activities, workshops and seminars have been organized, led from different parts of the world, in which local governments, international organizations, academia, civil society and collectives have reflected on the origins of violence and, above all, the ways to achieve peace in our territories. Altogether, these events have achieved a total participation of more than 150 panelists, addressing various topics related to Cities of Coexistence and Peace. In addition, since February 2021, the Forum launched the Cities of Peace Journal, in which it invites different organizations to share their projects, initiatives and reflections on peaceful coexistence in cities. The journal has published 3 issues, with more than 40 contributions, including research articles and reviews. We have integrated all this knowledge and learning into a consultation platform. ( so that it can serve as a source of inspiration for the various actors involved in peacebuilding. And all these lessons learned, and issues addressed over the past months will be consolidated in this last meeting of the third cycle, designed as a hybrid meeting (virtual and face-to-face) to be held in Mexico City from October 26 to 28, 2021.

Through plenary sessions and regional dialogues, we will go deeper into some of the topics we have already addressed so far and introduce some new approaches from which to think about coexistence and peace in the territories. In this way, the Forum completes this two-year cycle, in which, in addition to contributing to global reflection, it has strengthened local links with organizations working in the territories, especially in Mexico City. Finally, as part of the milestones of this process, we advanced towards the consolidation of the Forum through the institutionalization of its Technical Secretariat, a space for the management of all activities; the strengthening of the Scientific Committee, a space for knowledge management; and the International Organizing Committee, a space for global alliances and advocacy. We hope that the coordination of this third cycle from Mexico City will lay the foundations so that, in the future, peacebuilding in and from cities and territories will become a pillar of sustainable development.

General objective

Promote multi-stakeholder and multilevel meetings between local political leaders, territorial managers, civil society organizations, academia and international organizations to reflect and discuss actions for peace-building and conservation in cities and territories.

Specific objectives

  • Facilitate sharing of initiatives and experiences that contribute to the promotion of a culture of peace in cities and territories.
  • Promote peace-building at the local and territorial level.
  • To influence governments, networks and international organizations to increase support for peace through concrete actions, programs and/or specific agendas.


The event will feature an opening session, a closing session, four thematic dialogues, and a series of regional dialogues. In addition, face-to-face activities will be organized in Mexico City (pandemic restrictions permitting) and cultural and artistic materials related to peacebuilding in cities will be disseminated. The following is a brief description of the thematic dialogues.

Preliminary Program


October 26th

October 27th

October 28th

9:00 - 10:30

Inaugural Session

Dialogue 2: Welcoming cities and territories

Dialogue 4: Cities and territories with environmental justice

10:45 - 12:15

Dialogue 1: Inclusive cities and territories

Dialogue 3: Cities and territories free of gender violence

Closing session

15:00 - 18:00

Complementary activities:
            ◉  Workshops
            ◉  Campaings
            ◉   Territorial actions


Regional dialogues
(Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East)